About Me

Christmas.I am an amateur singer who simply loves music. I started learning how to sing and practicing when I was 5 year old. I also play Piano, Violin and Flute. I started all three when I was in elementary school.

My main instrument is Violin where I spent most of my time practicing it. My main job is in Executive Management and music, singing and playing instruments have been mostly a hobby for me.

I have informally taught private Violin lessons for years but this has been mostly on the side and during weekends. In retrospect and when I think about it, I could have make a living just by using the knowledge I have in music.

Oh well, I am happy with my current job and decided to continue that way.

I have started this blog to entertain all music lovers out there by providing news, information and anything fun I come across related to music, playing instruments and singing. Keep browsing and enjoy!