Types of E-Readers for Your Child

Children have not been left behind in the new technologies that enhance ease access to information.

E-readers have availed an uncountable number of e-publications and manufacturers have developed machines that have a unique design for meeting the needs of children.

Most parents have these machines for their kids, and others are contemplating the purchase. It’s advisable to undertake a survey on the best e-readers before making a decision to buy.

If you go here, you will find more information on the common types of e-readers for kids.

Children have varying reading abilities and demands, and the type of e-reader you choose has to meet those requirements. Children tend to read more if the publications have colorful and amazing graphics.

Therefore, you should buy an e-reader that has a great touch screen as it is also simple to navigate through the pages.

The gadget should also be stain resistant, spill proof, and durable. The e-reader you choose should also be transferable and light for your child.

E-reader machines for children have the option of downloading an expansive collection of reading materials thus reducing the hassle of lugging heavy materials.

E-readers are also environmentally friendly, and they save trees that would be cut to manufacture printing materials. Here are some examples of e-readers brands you can buy for your children.

The Kindle E-readers

There are various generations of Kindle readers, and the brand has a significant number of loyal followers. The Kindle reader is a portable and light machine thus allowing the kid to use it for his comfort.

The machine has a large screen with an apparent show that makes use of e-ink technology which is similar to a real paper and makes your child feel as if he is reading from an actual book.

Kindle e-readers also have a navigation scroll and QWERTY keypad for easy navigation through the pages. Some of them come with built-in dictionaries to assist your child in getting some definitions of hard phrases and words.

It also has a text-to-speech attribute that reads out loudly to your child. Kindle e-readers have a large memory space and can store over 1500 publications.

You can download some of these publications wirelessly from some sites, or you can purchase them from Amazon. The machine has a long battery life, and you can recharge it once in every two weeks.

The E-reader is appropriate for both teenagers and children. You can find more information about kindle e-readers by listening to this video:

Barnes and Noble Nook E-Readers

This brand is another fantastic e-reader for children. The colored touch screen exhibit of this e-reader makes it very attractive.

It has clear and sharp graphics that your kid can read outside even in bright sunlight without any glare from the screen. You can adjust its font and style to your individual taste.

This e-reader will grant your kid access to over 2.5 million newspapers, magazines, and publications. It also has an option of getting interactive books for your children, Marvel graphics novels, and Nook comics.

The machine has an internal memory of 2GB, but it can support a 32 GB memory card. Barnes and Noble-Nook e-readers also allow your child to listen to music, play games and listen to the internet.