Noise Cancelling Head Phones: The Most Suitable Headphones While on Transit

noise-cancelling-headphonesThere has been a rapid increase in the demand for noise canceling headphones in the last one decade. Most military helicopter and airplane pilots use this technology to eliminate surrounding noise.

These headphones do not only reduce surrounding noise but remove it completely allowing all passengers to enjoy their movies, read audio books, and listen to music without causing any interference. is an excellent site if you want to learn about headphones.

How does the Noise Canceling Technology Work?

Noise canceling headphones make use of a small microphone that is placed in the headphone and registers all the background sounds from the environment.

The mic, in turn, communicates to the headphone and informs it to create a pitch that can mask the frequency that surrounds the wearer.

The pitch that the earphone produces is an opposite of the one the exterior noise detects. This response cancels out the external noise hence creating a noise reduction effect.

This video provides an insight of how noise canceling headphones work.

Benefits of Noise Canceling Headphones

Environmental noise can be very intrusive as you try to enjoy your music while on transit.

Most people respond by increasing the sound level when they find it difficult to listen to their music or soundtrack of the video they are watching because of external noise.

Such an approach may not only damage your ears but also produce a poor quality of sound.

Most people enjoy listening to their music at a sound level that is safe. You may find yourself having a boring long trip simply because you don’t have noise canceling headphones.

These headphones allow you to listen to uninterrupted music as if you are in the comfort of your sitting room. This feature has significantly increased the sale of noise canceling headphones.

The sound canceling technology blocks the jet or car engine noise from getting into the ears of the wearer. It also reduces noise that arises from the conversation that takes place among other commuters.

Therefore, noise canceling headphones allow both the wearer and other passengers to have a peaceful journey. The headphones do not permit your music to penetrate into the environment.

Examples of Noise Canceling Headphones

There exists a broad range of noise canceling headphones that you can find on the market. An example of these devices is the Sennheiser MM550-X.

You can pair up these headphones by using the Bluetooth technology with an iPhone to generate a fantastic, noise-free audio.

Another good example is the AKG K495 Active Premium noise canceling headphones. These earphones have a high-end feel quality design.

You can connect them to the USB of your laptop and use them for over 34 hours. One advantage of these headphones is that you don’t have to turn them on for them to cancel external noise.

The headphones have a detailed midrange, a punchy bass coupled with a superb sound performance.

The third example is the Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones. These headphones are magnificent for long distant travelers.

They have a detachable audio cable and hence you can wear them to reduce surrounding noise even when you are not listening to music.

Lastly, we have the Panasonic RP-HC 700 Noise Canceling Headphones. These headphones have an impressive noise canceling ability and are comfortable to wear.

These are also detachable headphones, and hence you can use them to cancel noise when you are not listening to music. You can find most of these headphones from your nearest music stores.