Music Lessons: How to Play Drums

drummerLearning how to play any musical instrument is very important especially in the development of a child.

However, it does not imply that if you didn’t get this opportunity at your young age, then your chapter is closed.

Drums are among the best musical instruments you can learn how to play. You can use part of your leisure time to develop some of these skills.

This article focuses on how to play drums, but you can read more here if you wish to get a lot of insight on other musical instruments.

You require some skills if you desire to learn how to play the drum. I advise any person who wants to master the art of playing drums to go for music lessons.

These lessons will introduce you to the valuable skills you require to play the instrument. You may find yourself beginning a career in music by just enrolling for drum lessons.

Here are some of the concepts your music teacher should handle once you register for drumming classes.


Drumming requires a lot of concentration especially when it comes to counting. The ordinary drum beating requires four counts.

From here, it will become more intensive as you continue to work towards improving your drumming skills.

Identifying the Dominant Hand

As a drum player, you must have a dominant hand even though you use both hands to play the drums. The function of the dominant hand is to keep the beat.

You might find some involvement in an orchestra or a band as you proceed with the drumming lessons. The drummer has to maintain the beat of the music and in turn, ensure that the other instruments stay on track.

You cannot achieve this goal unless you figure out the dominant hand and use it appropriately.

Practice to Control the Stick

After learning to play the four-count beat, the next step is to practice stick control. You cannot maintain the rhythm of the song unless you practice how to use the drumstick.

You have to practice drum rudiments in the initial stages because they form the basis of other drumming skills. The term drum rudiment refers to an exercise or pattern that will assist you in building creativity and limb independence.

It increases your ability to control the drumstick and its speed. This below video provides useful information on how to play the beats.


You will only allow your creativity to take over once you grasp all the fundamental aspects of drumming. It may take some time before learning this art.

However, you will discover that creating the mood and groove from your drumming will be a matter of seconds. The most important thing to remember when learning to play any musical instrument is that constant practice makes perfect.

The determination can allow you to play any musical instrument even if you are not gifted naturally. Combining determination with patience will allow you to learn to play drums within a short period.

If you have an interest in learning to play drums, join the best music academy you can find in your neighborhood or online. You will get an opportunity to sit for practical and written exams that will assist you to learn more.