Best kids karaoke machine: some important buying tips

girl-singingMy intention in this post is to help parent looking for the best karaoke machine for kids. These machines are great gifts for the younger ones especially during holidays.

They are easy to use, fun and entertaining and make them happy for hours and hours playing and singing along with their friends.

As much as karaoke machines are fun and enjoyable, they may be very confusing in terms of various features and this makes the decision process to purchase them a bit bumpy and not so obvious.

I am a professional singer and guitar player and have been collecting karaoke machines and playing around with many different models throughout my life, to the point this has become one of my biggest hobbies.

I review them and help consumers with their purchase by providing them the required info.

You would be surprised how many questions I get from parents on a daily basis asking about various features of these machines and where to start.

Here are some examples of questions I receive:

  • I need to buy a karaoke machine for my daughter. Where to look for, what features to pay attention to and what is the right price range to settle for?
  • I need a karaoke machine that hooks up to my TV, what are the best choices for my limited budget?
  • I am looking for a karaoke machine for my 12 year old girl. She wants it to be compatible with her iPod, what are your recommendations?
  • Can you tell me about quality of speakers and what to look for when buying a karaoke machine, especially for kids? Is this important? What about the durability of such machines when used by children?

karaokeThe list goes on and on. Here I have summarized a list of main features and things you need to look for before purchasing a karaoke machine for your children.

This will hopefully help you make a more informed decision.

Portability – this is very important for kids. They want to drag their toy from one room to another and play around, so the machine has to be light and easy to carry around your house.

Song sources  – most karaoke machines out there play CD+G’s. You may want to look for compatibility with smart devices such as iPod, iPad, iPhone and MP3 players in general.

Voice and sound control – make sure the machine you purchase has the minimum feature that karaoke machines are supposed to provide these days. Echo, balance and tone control are some of the essential features that you need to look for.

These features make simply the user experience more rich and your children will have much more fun using them while playing with their singing machine.

Microphone – most karaoke machines come with one microphone but are capable of accommodating a second one to be plugged in. This is a great feature when singing in duet, something that kids love to do.

Just purchase a second one as it’s definitely worth it. Trust me on this one, I have been there and I know how important this feature is for younger kids.

Built in screen – this can be a big deal for some. If you don’t want this, make sure your karaoke machine is connectable to your TV. This will allow everyone being able to see the lyrics streaming down a bigger screen. This is especially important for larger gathering and allows all kids have fun at the same time and not only the one singing and performing.

Durability – this is an important feature given that kids can be really tough with their toys, I am sure as parents, you know what I am talking about here.

Recording option – this is a cool feature that allows your children record their performance and replay later. Not a must, but makes things more fun an enjoyable.

Price – last but not least, price is an important factor to consider and there is not much to be added here.

There you have it. Just have in mind these features, think of what you are looking for and which feature is important to you and choose your karaoke machine based on your budget. Enjoy and have fun singing.