Best Music to Boost Your Brain Power and Enhance Creativity

music-benefitsMost people wonder whether you can use music to enhance brain power and improve creativity. The truth of the matter is that music can assist you to increase creativity and productivity at work.

You can use music to enhance your workouts and relax the mind before going to sleep. However, not all kinds of music have the ability to boost your brain power.

The main types of music that are suitable for this purpose include the classical music and baroque. You can get more insight from the following YouTube video:

Classical Music and Brain Power

Recent surveys show that soothing music can enhance the qualities of your brain by affecting the brain waves.

You can use classical music to cure post-traumatic stress complications, reduce anxiety and stress, boost IQ scores in the short run, and improve success rates in any activity.

Other studies revealed that music has positive effects on epileptic patients in the long term. Most parents wonder whether classical music can make their children become more intelligent as they grow up.

A study carried out on students revealed that those who listened to Mozart’s music shortly before an exam recorded better marks only in creative arts.

However, this effect would last for only ten to fifteen minutes. Therefore, it implies that classical music may not make your child more intelligent.

Introducing a child to music in early stages of life assists in brain development but does not turn him into a genius.

Allowing your child to listen to classic music enhances his creativity and assists in reducing stress. Most parents stock classic music CDs in their houses, but this does not necessarily make kids smarter.

Baroque Music and Brain Power

Baroque music can create a state of inner peace by making you feel relaxed. Some individuals refer to it as an authentic music for the soul.

Baroque music is very appropriate when it comes to boosting brain activity. Bach is one of the greatest composers who left a great legacy in baroque music development.

Other music writers include Telemann, Corelli, Scarlatti, Vivaldi, and Handel just to name a few. Baroque is a western style music that was composed in Europe between the periods of 1600 to 1750 AD.

Some researchers found out that baroque music can assist you to gain focus and pay deep concentration while processing large amounts of information and content.

This rhythm can help to stabilize your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. You can get more information from this site

Bach’s music has close to fifty to eighty beats per minute which create an excellent atmosphere of focus. This rhythm can assist students to pay deep attention to their alpha brain wave state.

This music is highly effective when it comes to reading, memorizing facts, and learning vocabulary.

A survey of students showed that the math class was less challenging, and students enjoyed the class when baroque music was playing in the background.

Most people believe that baroque music is more appropriate than any other classical music because it has approximately 50-80 beats that are closer to the rhythm of the human heartbeat.

Such an argument could not be correct because some baroque movements move faster.

Baroque music is good because it’s lively and light. The music does not fall into melodramatic and is soulful and expressive.

It does not have sounds of hummable melodies that usually stick in your head. Its tones flow melodiously allowing you to move on the melodic journey.

Music response varies from one person to another and from time to time. We have several genres of music like pop, rock, bossa nova among others, but none is useful in boosting brain power like classical music.

You can listen to all kinds of music, but if you intend to increase your brain power, baroque music has the biggest effect.