Klipsch Headphones for Enhanced Bass

kripsch-image-threeIf you are one of the thousands of bass lovers out there, then you will be pleased to hear that there is a new kid on the block when it comes to enhanced bass headphones and the best part is, they are on sale at a bargain price.

The Klipsch headphones provide listeners with a powerful audio performance that highlight the bass kicks and offer excellent listening quality.

You no longer need to waste your hard earned cash on “cheap” headphones that offer poor quality, as now there are a set that are worth every penny of your investment.

These Bluetooth in ear headphones have been designed with comfort in mind and after a bit of manouevering, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a unique listening experience. The headphones are wireless and eliminate the problem of cables getting tangled up, but this also means that they will have limited battery life.

When connected to an iPhone 6 the headphone batteries lasted for an average of eight hours, which is pretty good going for a product of this spec. You can find out more about the user experience of the Klipsch headphones here.


As we mentioned earlier in this article, these headphones are not for the faint hearted. The deep base response from these headphones don’t distort no matter how loud you increase the volume.

You can also expect crystal clear highs with these headphones and they are available for a mere $59.99The noise cancelling headphones are perfect for those who need headphones for travel, sport or simply to kill time during their commute to work.

The Klipsch patented ear tips have been made available in 5 different sizes, so you can find a model that fits the exact shape and size of your ear for the long run. Klipsch headphones are designed and made in America, founded in 1946 by Paul Klipsch, one of the most celebrated audio pioneers of the time.

The four principles of Klipsch sound

The Klipsch brand prides itself on using horn-loaded technology to produce an accurate and dynamic transmission of sound.  Their principle of low-distortion means that the headphones can reproduce the softest sounds with the most cutting clarity and detail allowing you to listen loudly, without any distortion.

The flat frequency response doesn’t allow for extreme highs or lows, meaning that you can enjoy the sounds of each song just as the artist intended. Finally, thanks to the controlled directivity of the horn technology used by Klipsch, you can take advantage of experiencing a more life like soundstage.

Klipsch are also a green company, who refuse to use hazardous substances that are harmful to the environment. Knowing your money is going to an ethical company will make you enjoy your headphones even more.

Klipsch are dedicated to developing green concepts and packaging to protect the environment even further. The headphones have won hundreds of awards and the company continues to uphold its stellar reputation, whilst upholding its excellent track record of customer satisfaction.