Easy Steps to Follow While Learning How to Play the Piano

PianoMost people who have an interest in learning how to play the piano are usually discouraged along the way.

This is because they have to spend several hours learning the music tones. It’s good to put any negative thoughts behind and start with an open mind if you want to learn how to play the piano.

Any serious candidate does not take a very long time to learn this art. Here are some simple steps to follow if you want to play the piano within a few days.

Familiarize yourself with Your Tones

Music tones form the foundation of the industry, and they may appear to be strange for beginners.

Constant practice will assist you to recite the tones with a lot of ease. These tones which include Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do are usually marked with capital letters A B C D E F G.

You need to sing these tones a loud if you want to conceptualize them with speed. You should use the show tune to learn the keys and get the pitch right.

The note that is located at the center of your piano is middle C.

The lower pitch tone comprises of those at the bottom (base clef), while the higher pitch notes are those at the top (Treble clef).

The higher notes perfectly match with those moving towards the right-hand side of the middle C, and you should play them with your right hand.

You can learn more about this on by watching the following video:

Familiarize Yourself with the Piano Keys

You need to use the black keys to play what is referred to as the flat (b) notes and sharp (#) notes.

These black keys are grouped into two’s or three’s. The centre of the piano is where we have a set of five black keys grouped in two’s and three’s.

The middle C is the white key that is located to the left of the two black keys at the centre of your piano.

You need to start by placing your right thumb finger on middle C. We also have other C keys on the left of every two black keys.

You should take enough time to study the diagrams below and above each key as you match the piano keys to their respective notes.

Learn How to Play Do-Re-Mi

Begin by matching the Do Re Mi to A B C starting with the middle C. You can then move up and down your piano as you get familiar with each key.

Start Picking up a Bit

Once you are familiar with the keys, you can try to play a simple song. Listen to the beats carefully as you try to mix them up.

You can visit this site to learn how to mix the beats while playing a song.

Timing and music note

It’s important to note that each note on the piano has an indication of the number of counts it should receive.

This shows you the time you should take to down each key. The piano notes that are used are mostly the quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes.

Whole notes have four beats, half notes have two beats and quarter notes have one beat each. You need to identify each of these keys and down them accordingly.

Learn to connect the notes

The music sheet contains three E notes namely the half note and two quarter notes.

Start by playing these and once you understand them you can move to the other measures until you can play all of them successively.

Review and Practice Sessions

The last thing is to review all the six steps and keep on practicing until you can play your simple song well.

Once you have mastered the song, you can start learning other songs as you sharpen your skills.